Sheepskin Rug - Single


Sheepskin Rug - Single
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Cuddle yourself or just your feet into a quality New Zealand sheepskin rug. Great as a bedside rug or a bathroom rug.

Top of the line extra large Sheepskins are premium grade quality. We supply only those sheepskins with the softest, most lustrous wool finish and defect free pelts. Ivory color.

They are large sized 26 inches by 38inches (95 x 65cm) and have a minimum pile height of 2 inches (5cm) and are the top of the line quality.

Sheepskin Rugs are machine washable, and have complete care and laundering instructions attached to the skin. Regular brushing and shaking will help maintain the soft, fluffy appearance of the sheepskins.

"Just wanted to let you know I received my order on Friday and my little 7-month-old absolutely loves his sheepskin. He laughs and smiles while on it. He cuddles into it and it really calms him to sleep. I like to get out of bed in the morning and sink my feet into the large one. The silk long underwear are excellent--they aren't bulky and they do keep you warm (Ihave poor circulation so these are a God-send in this cold Wisconsin weather). Thanks again for making quality products at affordable prices."