Mobicosa Gel 100ml


Mobicosa Gel 100ml
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MobicosaTM Gel is a topical gel especially formulated for joint and muscle complaints.

The Gel contains the active ingredients of New Zealand GreenlippedTM Mussel Oil and a blend of essential oils. MobicosaTM Gel has high levels of ETA's (Eicosatetrenoic Acid) which is a proven natural anti-inflammatory. MobicosaTM Gel is a safe natural anti-inflammatory gel, and is a great alternative to NSAID gels. Use MobicosaTM Gel for:
  • Tired and constricted muscles
  • Sore joints and arthritis relief
  • Sporting injuries

    How to use MobicosaTM Gel

    Apply MobicosaTM Gel to the affected tendon, sore muscles or joints. Gently massage until absorbed into the skin. This provides the high potency active ingredient directly to the point of the injury where the pain is felt most.

    About MobicosaTM Gel

    Recent research has shown that New Zealand GreenlippedTM Mussel Oil contains recently characterised Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids. These ETA's have potent anti-inflammatory properties, which explain their efficacy in the soothing of stiff joints and quickly helping to maintain optimum mobility.

    A traditional blend of essential oils (Arnica, Wintergreen, Black pepper, Ginger and Manuka) has been added to complement the New Zealand GreenlippedTM Mussel Oil and adds a pleasant fragrance to the oil. MobicosaTM Gel is easy to apply and for most people provides fast acting relief immediately. 100ml per bottle.

    Made in New Zealand