Rainforest Facial Cleanser


Rainforest Facial Cleanser
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Rainforest Cleanser purifies and deeply cleanses, naturally accelerating skin rejuvenation.
Natural plant oils and extracts (lavender, orange, geranium, rosehip, bergamot, juniper and rosemary) have been used to nourish and deep cleanse your skin, helping to prevent acne, exzema and skin irritations.

Use mornings and evenings as the perfect skin preparation. Removes make-up.
Suited to all skin types.
Soap-free. No sodium lauryl sulphate.
Packaged in 250ml (8oz) recyclable amber bottle.

Made in New Zealand. Packaging can be recycled.

This range is suitable for all skin types. None of our products contain parabens or sodium lauryl sulphates.

About Ngali Nut Oil:
You will appreciate the difference as organic Ngali Nut oil softens and soothes your skin. Cold pressed, using traditional methods, Ngali Nut oil is rich and moisturising, yet light and absorbent, making it ideal for body care products and therefore a key component of our Rainforest Body Care products.

The Ngali Nuts are harvested from the beautiful Solomon Islands' Rainforest, by villagers in the Makira Conservation District. Processing the nuts, provides the villagers with a sustainable and viable income alternative to logging. By purchasing the Rainforest Skincare range, you help preserve and protect precious tropical rainforests and the unique creatures that live there.

See separate entry for the Rainforest Facial Care Combo offer that includes one Facial Cleanser and one Facial Moisturiser for a reduced price.

Rainforest Facial Moisturiser is also available as part of our Rainforest Travel Pack. A must for every traveller, the Rainforest Travel Pack includes a robust canvas Travel Toiletry Organiser in red or blue, Rainforest Tea Tree & Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner 100ml each, Rainforest Foot Cooling Lotion 100ml, Rainforest Rose & Rosehip Hand Cream 100ml pump bottle and Rainforest Facial Moisturiser 100ml. (Except for Foot Cooling Lotion, 100ml bottles only available as part of Travel Pack.)