Women's Deerskin Gloves


Women's Deerskin Gloves
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Arrive in style with these fabulous handmade deerskin gloves. Made in New Zealand

Soft, supple and breathable. Make a style statement without skimping on comfort.

Ideal for driving, these are a must-have accessory.

The gloves come to just over the wrist with a soft, natural flare. The deerskin is soft and supple for a firm, elegant fit and the gloves feature traditional top stitch detail on the back of the hand.

We have searched high and low to find a New Zealand-made leather glove and this is it. They are handmade by a father daughter team in North Canterbury, New Zealand. Ken was a factory manager in a ski glove factory before it closed down and managed to purchase some of the glove making machinery. He transferred operations, on a much smaller scale, to his deer farm in Rangiora where he and his daughter Rebecca, now make beautiful deerskin and slinkskin gloves for the select few who have discovered them!

Cleaning instructions

May be waterproofed and cleaned with suede cleaning products, or else dry cleaned.