Slipper Socks


Slipper Socks
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No more cold feet with these travel-friendly slippers

Roll them up and put them in your bag, just like a pair of socks - these slippers are perfect for travelling! Great for cold feet anywhere and ideal for on the plane, train or in the car. Light enough for backpacking and great for camping. Wear them to bed or in your sleeping bag. Gentle machine washable.

Made in New Zealand from 100% natural Merino fleece inner - super warm and allows your feet to breathe. The fleece is woven onto a resilient yet soft fabric outer with a natural leather sole. A soft, stretchy fabric ankle cuff keeps the slipper in place.

Lambs wool from New Zealand is nature's wonder fiber. Wool, unlike acrylics or other similar man made products, will absorb up to 30% of its own weight of moisture and yet still feel dry. Moisture is wicked away from feet so they feel dry and will stay warm.

Cleaning instructions:

Machine wash on the delicate or wool cycle using a mild wool detergent. Or, handwash in luke warm water with a mild detergent e.g. baby shampoo (please do not use Woolite). Rinse thoroughly in cold water and hang out to dry.