Women's Silk Long Underwear Top.


Women's Silk Long Underwear Top.
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Super lightweight, feels like a ‘second skin’ for perfect freedom of movement beneath your outer clothing

Made from pure and natural, single knit, stretch silk for a comfortable, easy fit.

  • Long sleeve, scoop neck top with ribbed cuffs on sleeves.
  • Adds the discreet, extra thermal layer without adding bulk even under fitting garments.
  • Can be worn year round in colder climates beneath all manner of clothing – every day or recreational. Ideally suited for hiking and skiing.
  • Also suited as the top half of pyjamas - particularly useful for people with disabilities who have limited use of their limbs as the "slick" feel of silk helps one slide easily across bedding.

About Silk

Pure silk has been treasured for thousands of years and not only because it’s beautiful. Soft, smooth and luxurious against your skin, silk is also a natural insulator providing thermal warmth in cooler temperatures, and releasing warmth to keep you cool when it’s hot. Silk is highly breathable and draws moisture away, releasing it into the air, to keep you dry and comfortable. It is well suited to sensitive skin.

New Zealand Nature clothing is made from ‘filament’ silk where the long, natural threads are directly unwound from the cocoon of the mulberry silkworm. It’s recognised as the highest quality silk. This versatile, knit fabric is incredibly strong and durable relative to its lighter weight and yields garments with a smooth sheen. It retains its shape, it will not pill and optimises silk’s inherent breathable properties.

This Silk Long Underwear Top is made from premium quality, single knit (jersey), stretch silk. Light weight, super stretchy and highly breathable, it’s ideal for underwear. It’s supremely comfortable and feels soft and smooth against your skin. It’s machine washable and quick drying. Single knit silk is durable for its weight, but due to the jersey weave, it may ladder (run) if damaged.

Care Directions

Please follow instructions on the care label attached to each garment. It is machine washable, please use the delicate cycle with a very mild detergent. Lay flat to dry avoiding direct sunlight. Please do not tumble dry.

"Just some feedback for you. WE were in New York in early January when the "Polar Vortex" hit. The silk thermals were great and all I needed even at minus 14c was the silk thermals and my jeans. They worked great and I love how light they are and are not bulky!" - J. A. C.,NSW, Australia

“Just to say many thanks for your prompt and efficient service. I received my silk combo in yesterday morning's post in the UK (Tuesday 22nd July). Tried them on and they're fab - ideal for use as jim jams in my sleeping bag or under clothes during my trip to China. Thanks again.” – S.J.S. UK

“I purchased off you several items and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your clothing when we went to the UK/Europe in April. I took with me: Silk Long Johns (ideal for wearing under my travel pants), Silk Cardigan, Silk Tank Top, Silk ¾ sleeved top (scoop neck), Silk Spencer – long sleeved and Pajamas. All items were worn numerous times and they washed up so well. They were lovely and warm, looked tidy and were so easy to wear. Best items of clothing to take away. Thank you so much. I will be making further purchases in the near future.” – A.S. Balclutha, NZ

"You are amazing! That is the most incredible customer service I've ever received in my life. Many many thanks!" LL USA.

"I have to say that the long silk underwear I bought for my husband and me really saved our trip! It was very cold in New York - some days close to 30 degrees - nights even colder - and we just wouldn't have had as good a time without them. We wore them every day under our clothes and they were very comfortable and not bulky at all! In fact, I think my clothes fit better with them on than without. They really helped us keep warm!" Valerie, USA.

"Thank you for the four silk under shirts that arrived today. They are exactly what we wanted (and needed) for our actress!! They are indeed a beautiful product." Holly Landgren, Costume Co-ordinator, Ghost Ship Films, Warner Studios, Queensland

Nothing like silk jong johns...if anyone ever wonders what I prefer for Christmas...birthday...Easter....Fourth Of July....and no one has such nice ones as the New Zealand Nature Company. And the Possum Wool fingerless gloves? HAVE to have those for cold winter driving. I love mine. C. H. L., Oklahoma, USA

"Russia is great; snowy, cold, and welcoming. I wore the silk thermals as "tights" under a skirt the other day, and again yesterday under trousers as we went cross-country skiing. GREAT! I love them. If any other customers wonder about them, tell them I heartily endorse the product! Thanks again." Sheilah Philip-Bradfield, Russia