Inner Soles for Boots


Inner Soles for Boots
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Inner Soles for Sheepskin Boots

These inner soles - sold in pairs - are designed to be worn in our ever popular Supertread Sheepskin Boots. In these high quality boots, the inner soles are removable, making them easy to dry and replace. The boots come with inner soles but it is a good idea to purchase a spare set.

Each inner sole is made with a foam bootbed, molded to fit our Supertread Sheepskin Boot, and fluffy sheepskin fleece liner.

  • Replace them each season, if you like, to achieve that “new boot” feeling.
  • Two together can be worn for extra cushioning and for a tighter fit if desired.
  • It's a good idea to have an extra inner sole on hand in case one gets wet.