Children's Sheepskin Boots


Children's Sheepskin Boots
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Keep little toes warm with pure and natural sheepskin - just like the adult boots, and a light EVA sole. Made in New Zealand.

Ideal winter footwear for toddlers and children (approx age 18 months and older, please see sizes below). The soft wool fibres of natural sheepskin are highly breathable and act as a natural insulator to keep feet warm, dry and comfortable. Thick shearling wool inside moulds to the shape of the foot creating natural arch support. Made with the highest quality twin-faced New Zealand sheepskin - which means that it is a single piece of sheepskin with both the leather and fleece sides being processed to the highest standards.

Boots are low maintenance and easily cleaned but please try to avoid heavy soiling. If you want extra protection from wet and snowy conditions, see our separate entry for water repellent, sheepskin shampoo & conditioner.

"Baby Uggs! How cute!!" thank you. and the sheepskin in his cot washes amazingly well and looks good as new a year later." A.S. T&W,UKZ