Millstream Natural Healing Balms


Millstream Natural Healing Balms
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Natural healing balms to soothe common complaints. 50g tins. By Millstream Gardens

Beautifully handcrafted herbal balms made by infusing home grown herbs in olive oil for six weeks and then mixing with heated beeswax.

Bugger Off Natural Insect Repellent
A gentle salve to help keep mozzies, sandflies and other annoying insects away. It will also soothe itching from bites and stings. The backbone of this repellant is the Titoki tree or the NZ Oak, an attractive tree widespread in the Hawke's Bay. Traditionally used by the Maori, the Titoki leaves have no noticeable smell but repel insects and relieve itching. Its effectiveness is enhanced by adding essential oils of NZ Manuka and Australian Lemon Eucalyptus.

Kawa Kawa Healing Balm
Kawakawa (Macropiper excelsum) is known as the "Pharmacy of the Forest". The small tree with distinct heart shaped leaves is a significant and sacred plant to Maori. Among its many healing properties it is reputed to soothe insect bites and stings, skin rashes, poor circulation, bruises, wounds, burns, aches and pains.

Hard Yakka Muscle Rub
A warming rub to ease sore muscles after a hard day's work....or recreation. Will also ease arthritis, rheumatism and lumbago. A pleasant smelling blend of St. John's Wort which improves circulation; Meadowsweet - a natural painkiller and Mullein - an anti-inflammatory.

She’ll Be Right Herbal Repair
A valuable first aid and antiseptic cream containing Comfrey and Calendula to ease pain and promote healing. Safe to apply to cuts, scrapes, grazes, bruises, cracked skin and any other minor injuries you may inflict upon yourself.

About Millstream Gardens

Millstream Gardens have been making and selling herbal ointments for 30 years. They grow and gather most of the herbs used from their 4 acres of land in Hawkes Bay. Basic remedies are made with herbs macerated in local Olive Oil, with local beeswax. All products are G.E and Paraben free.